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Made by farmers, owned by farmers

It is our more than 12,800 diary farmers that own Arla, in a business model where they equally share the profit from each litre of milk they deliver.

For us, it’s not only a matter of creating great taste, but also about doing it the right way. With respect and with passion. Our 12,800 dairy farmers put a professional pride into creating the best quality product, and we believe that customers can taste it in the milk, cheese and everything else we make.

A small green label on the packaging says that Arla is owned by farmers. At a time when milk prices are under pressure, it is a way of telling consumers that they support individual farmers by buying dairy products from Arla. But the campaign also has another purpose.

"Farmers do not have the habit of boasting so many are not aware of how much professional pride behind the milk that is produced," says Søren Bang Rasmussen, Arla Foods Marketing in Denmark.

"Therefore, we are using this opportunity to tell you about all the control and care that meets the milk from the cow to the finished product, because we are all - both farmers and dairy people - very conscious that it is not just about taste. It's largely about accountability - both in animal welfare, health and sustainability of both the farm, the dairy, the road and in our choice of packaging. We need to have a nice taste in the mouth - in more ways than one. "