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All good things come in slices

Sliced cheese makes good sense for a number of reasons. You avoid a lot of food waste. And time waste.

Usually, slices from Arla come in a 9 times 9-centimetre size. But what about all the people who only eat half a piece of bread? Good news, because now slices of cheese come in 6 times 9 centimeters as well. Of course, we haven’t cut down on the great taste and quality.

5 reasons to go sliced

1. It’s cheaper
Well, it is. The price per kilo for a whole cheese is lower, but if you count in the time spent cutting it and the end pieces, slices are in fact the cheaper option.

2. The hygiene factor
Let us do the work and clean up after cutting the cheese.

3. You save time
You have something better to do than cutting up cheese, for sure.

4. You avoid food waste
With sliced cheese, what you get is what you can serve. Plus the packaging helps preserve the cheese and keeps it fresh and tasty.

5. Taste you can trust
When the Arla name is on the package, you know that you and your customers get quality cheese made by milk from farmers who care.