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Healthy food for bright minds

Student food? You mean toast and slightly overcooked pasta? Well, not at an international business school’s canteen in Copenhagen. Here, the canteen has expanded its traditional buffet and turned it into a take away food court. Focus is on food to go, but still packed with flavour, vitamins and love from the kitchen.

Inspired by universities in London and Paris, the eateries at Copenhagen Business School now serve most of the menu to go. Focus is on healthy food with plenty of vegetables at a fixed price per 100 grams. This makes it easy for both the students and the canteen.

5 ways to run a successful take away place

1. Fixed price
Makes it so much easier to handle for all the staff.

2. Don’t underestimate the classics
Dishes such as lasagna are a big hit at the business school.

3. Green is a popular
More and more young people are becoming flexitarians – mostly vegetables and salads, but also the occasional meat.

4. Keep it fresh
The canteen at the business school makes sure to change the menu every two to three months.

5. Listen, look and learn
Some of the dishes that are big hits in the buffet just don’t sell as take away. Sounds odd, but you simply have to learn and adapt along the way.