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Learnings to take away from take away

When it comes to take away food, a lot has happened in the last 10 years. People want food that is easy to serve and enjoy, but they are no longer happy with today’s catch from the deep fryer. Here’s how to make the most of take away in your kitchen.

Your customers wants it. You have the set-up that matches their needs. Then why not turn your canteen into an after hours deli? This way, you can boost your profit and reduce food waste significantly. Plus your customers will thank you for it, now that dinner is taken care of.

5 ways to succeed with take away

1. Know your customers

Take a look at the people you’re going to feed. Are they the sporty crowd? Are there many families with children? Make sure your menu matches their needs.

2. People love change

Serving the hot dish from lunch as dinner is convenient, but many kitchens sell more when they shake things up a bit. 

3. Put food waste on the menu

Why not sell leftovers from lunch at a reduced price?   

4. Make Friday something special

Hello weekend. Make a Friday menu that puts a smile on people’s faces – and don’t forget dessert.

5. Take away with a give away

Put a free loaf of bread in the bag or give people some ready-made dough they can bake in the weekend. They’ll love you for it.