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Make the most of your ingredients

Throwing out excess food is wrong for a number of reasons. From a chef’s perspective, wasting food means wasting flavor and that’s just a shame, isn’t it? But it’s also a waste of money and natural resources. Not to mention it’s food that other people might as well have enjoyed.

Half a bowl of salad here, a few slices of bread there. Leftovers are hard to avoid, as you know. But a couple of small tricks and new routines can do wonders and have an immediate impact on the amount of food that ends up in the bin every day.

5 ways to waste less food

1. Use smaller plates
Sounds corny, we know. But if you are serving a buffet, this will help people not to take too much food at a time.

2. Keep an eye on the buffet
Fill it up several times so that excess food doesn’t need to end up in the bin.

3. Make it visible
Collect everything that’s left every day so that people in the kitchen can see it and discuss.

4. Be creative
The path from waste to a new recipe can be very short. Use your collective imagination and skills to turn excess food into something yummy.

5. Keep a record
Make a list of the leftovers in your fridge and freezer and make a plan for when you’re going to use them.