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Say cheese to your cake

Cheesecake is a crowd-pleaser all over the world. The American invention is being served in a great number of varieties and enjoyed by a growing number of fans. The versatility of the cheesecake means that it can be twisted and turned. Raw, baked, salty, fruity, you name it. Just say cheese.

Danish entrepreneur and now cheesecake lover Anders Venø was so blown away by his first experience with cheesecake that he not only went back for more cake – he bought the whole bakery. Now he has two bakeries and employees from all parts of the world. The recipes? Well, when Anders and his staff are not inventing their own, fans are not shy to share their favourite recipes through the company’s Facebook page. Here’s a few useful cheesecake insights. 

5 ways to make a great cheesecake

1. Raw or cooked?
Use fresh cheese for the raw version and a fatter cream cheese for the baked one. Both are yummy.

2. Watch the heat
If you bake your cheesecake, make sure it doesn’t get too much heat. The surface should never turn brown.

3. Make it in advance
Bake the cake the day before you’re going to use it. You’ll be happier about the result.

4. Play with the toppings
Top off with seasonal fruit, berries, syrups, caramel, whatever. Use your imagination.

5. Everything can be a cheesecake
Why not turn your favourite dessert into a cheesecake? Or fool around with traditional cakes in a cheese-based version.