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Spend less and get more flavour

A canteen in Scandinavian deals with food waste in a way that is both mouth-watering and cost-effective. Leftovers are turned into new dishes, while having Arla slice up the cheese saves the kitchen much money each year. Sounds good? Here’s the recipe.

Want to reduce food waste and make the most of the ingredients in your kitchen? Well, there is more to it than good management and cooking the right amount of food. In Scandinavia, a canteen that serves around 200 people every day has found that innovative cooking and wasting less food go hand in hand. The results? Happier customers and fewer expenses.

5 ways to make less taste of more

1. Bake your own bread
Besides being cheaper and better, you can also add leftovers from the day before. Cheese, olives or other delicious things.

2. Make the most of your fruits
Excess berries make great syrup for desserts and suchlike. Simply boil them down with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

3. Go sliced
Choose some of the sliced cheeses from Arla for the buffet – you only get the good parts and no end pieces.

4. Buy organic
Organic ingredients just taste better, so you can get away with using less to make each dish stand out.

5. Coordination is king
Engage the whole team in the subject of food waste and talk about what to do.