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Turn leftovers into tomorrow’s special

Every day, kitchens all over the world throw out food that is packed with flavour. That’s a shame, because with a splash of creative thinking, leftovers from today’s breakfast, lunch or dinner can become a feast tomorrow.

Our guess is that one of the reasons you became a kitchen professional is that you like to be creative in the kitchen and create new flavours and dishes? Well, the good news is that you’ll have plenty of chances to do exactly that if you stop throwing food away and use it in your kitchen instead. Here is our quick guide on how to challenge yourself as a chef and keep food waste to a minimum.

5 ways to turn leftovers into great food

1. Stalks are great

So are the bases and outer leaves of cabbage, broccoli and other vegetables. Use them in soups, mash, pesto and salads, to name but a few.

2. Catch up with ketchup

Tomatoes and peppers are great in homemade ketchup, chutney, salsa, tomato purée or in a dressing.

3. Your daily bread

White bread and baguettes make wonderful croutons breadcrumbs. They add a nice texture to dishes with minced meat, too.

4. Say cheese

Cheese leftovers are really a gift. Use them in soups or pesto, or spice up your home baking with a cheese crust.

5. Put it in the dough

Bread becomes even better with soured dairy products, rice, mashed potatoes, spinach and lots of other leftovers. Experiment and you’ll see.