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Sterilized Cream

Sterilized Cream

Delicate in flavour and silky smooth in texture, this all-purpose cream will surely prove to be an invaluable asset to your everyday cooking routine. Perfect for both savoury and sweet dishes, including your favourite desserts. Adds much-wanted creaminess to soups and sauces. It can be successfully used as a base for various types of puddings, caramel and chocolate glazes and decorating cakes. It can also be consumed on its own – it works perfectly as a refreshing dip or a dressing for your favourite salad.

Nutrition per 100 g

  • Energy 980 kJ
  • Fat 23 g
  • Carbohydrate 3.8 g
  • Protein 2.6 g

Product Information

  • Fresh skimmed cow's milk, palm oil, veg. thickners (E471 made from palm/rapeseed oil, E401, E410, E415)
  • Max: 5 °C
    Opened: 5 °C
  • No
  • Unopened: See package
  • 170 g
  • Denmark